Learn to improve romantic relationship communication

Communicating with romantic partners is among the most important interactions humans undertake, and yet, most of us do it with little to no training. Love Lines addresses this problem. It is a web-based educational game designed to teach you how to have healthy communication with your romantic partner(s).

Gamification of Relationship Communication

Progress Bar

The progress bar tells you what level you are on and how many you have to go. 1) Honeymoon 2) Disturbances 3) Discovery 4) Decision Time 5) Personal reflection.


Connect your emotional intelligence to your relational intelligence. Sometimes we have feelings about relationships that we cannot put into words. Love Lines gives you words.

Background Color

The purple background gets darker when you are incorrect and lighter when you are correct.


Get answers to questions specific to the level you're playing.


At any point in the game, share your Love Lines experience with us!

Heart Meter

Your heart fills when you answer correctly. Your heart drains when you are incorrect.

Instructor Features

If your students are anything like ours, they love instructional alternatives to reading. Love Lines is an ideal combination of gamification and education while teaching core communication concepts. Love Lines is a perfect supplement for undergraduate courses in:
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Family Communication
  • Relational Communication
Our seamless LMS integration allows you to easily monitor student progress, collect assignments, and grade right in the game. For more information on how to use Love Lines in your classes, download the free Instructor’s Guide today.

“Love Lines was educational and the game aspect of it kept me entertained.”

“This is a game that gives you immediate feedback of how knowledgeable you are regarding love relationships.”

“It's realistic. It can also help you understand how patient or impulsive you are in these types of situations.”

“It's helpful in the sense that you try to correct your relationship problems in the most appropriate communicative manner.”

“I liked that I was reviewing things already taught in class. I liked that there are different levels.”